Special Report: The Keys to Understanding Today’s Tech Pros

Happy_Image_Special_ReportMuch has been said in recent months about tech professionals and their level of dissatisfaction with their current work environment. It has brought to the forefront issues like cultural fit, work-life balance, and professional recognition.

Today’s businesses know that dissatisfied employees often lead to increased turnover, which is a costly problem for companies with tech departments in particular, and preventing that turnover remains a priority for companies across the country. But in order to prevent turnover, companies must understand where their employees are satisfied and what sources of frustration are driving them to leave.

With that being said, Dice recently set out to find where technology professionals across the U.S. are satisfied with their lives and where they’re unsatisfied, and what effect these attitudes are having on the tech industry as a whole.

Dice surveyed over 1,600 technology professionals in the U.S. during the month of September to gauge their satisfaction in key areas of their lives, such as housing, commuting, schools, career and work-life balance.

Download the full report: Visit The Keys To Understanding Today’s Tech Pros.