September 2013: Sourcing Cloud Talent

Dice Open Web Logo TrademarkedWhen there’s a record broken that’s stood for 15 years in tech employment statistics, we take notice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the month of July, 3,600 jobs were created in data processing, hosting and related services. That’s the single best month of job growth in this category since June 1998.

The likely driver is the cloud service providers which report in this category. The cloud is making infrastructure positions at companies more strategic and less task-based, which makes adaptable talent even more valuable in the long-run.

2013-08 Clouds ImageSo what do hiring managers want in cloud talent? By analyzing recruiters’ searches in Open Web, Dice’s latest sourcing tool, the hiring agenda becomes clear. First, there is a vendor preference – experience working with Amazon Web Services is sought in nearly half of all searches. That compares with nearly zero searches distinguishing between private, hybrid and public cloud although the necessary experiences needed may be different.

Open Source is a clear theme, from Linux to configuration management systems like Chef and Puppet to programming languages like Python, Perl and Ruby. All make the top 10 most popular cloud-adjacent requests.

Demand for DevOps Engineers continues to grow – as noted by their ranking on the list. And, there is plenty of evidence on the Dice site too. The superstar coupling of development and operations talent now has nearly 500 jobs posted on any given day – that compares to slightly less than 200 last fall.

Finally, the generic entry of “solution” on the list only means one thing: more salespeople, more consultants. That should keep the job growth for the service providers on a cloud streak.

Howard Lee