October 2014: Location Envy

2014-10 Dice by the NumbersIn the world of tech employment – as in real estate – location matters. Though job opportunities abound coast to coast, simply put, to tech professionals not all geographic markets are created equal. Therefore it’s up to hiring managers to entice the talent they desire in order to fill open positions.

That task is not as difficult as it sounds if companies are willing to extend their talent pipeline past city borders. With more than 300,000 tech candidates expressing a willingness to move in the last year on Dice, widening the talent search and looking for candidates based on need and project specifics rather than emphasizing street address can multiply the possibilities of making a hire.

Truth is, the opportunity beacon of some states shines brighter than others for tech professionals looking to capitalize on pay and positions. California takes the top spot for receiving the most job applications from tech professionals who currently live in a different state. That’s no surprise given tech professionals in Silicon Valley topped the list of the highest paid talent last year.

2014-10 Dice Relocation StatesNew York came in second on the list. Salaries in the state home to Silicon Alley rose five percent last year and tech professionals can find more than 6,000 job openings here on any given day. Cost of living aside, tech pros are still vying to move to and make a living in the Empire state.

Texas takes third. The state offers tech professionals job options in a variety of industries from energy in Houston to banking/financial in Dallas or tech and software firms in Austin.

If there’s a surprise on the list, it’s only that the two Washingtons (the state and the District of Columbia) didn’t make it given demand for skills in security, cloud or virtualization is driving jobs in both of these areas. Tech pros savvy in these skillsets should consider the possibilities if they’re ready to make a move. Plus with Washington being a tax-free state, its generally attractive to talent looking to make a move.

The cost of moving the perfect professional thousands of miles may mean paying more to bring them on-board, but compared to the cost of hiring the wrong person or having a project flop because of a talent deficit: U Haul beats “you fail” every time.

Shravan Goli
President, Dice

* A single job posting may reflect more than one skill, location or type of position; therefore total figures for those attributes may be greater than total jobs posted.