November 2013: Requesting Mobile Expertise

2013-11_Dice_by_the_NumbersCoke vs. Pepsi. Beatles vs. Rolling Stones. iPhone vs. Android. For mobile enthusiasts and developers, the debate on favorite platforms is one for the ages. But for companies recruiting tech professionals with mobile experience it seems there’s no contest: they just want mobile talent.

For recruiters and hiring managers, their resume search behavior looks more like a train of thought than a defined preference. For example, “Mobile and native and (iOS or iPhone or Android or Symbian) and (Developer or programmer or analyst or “Software engineer”)” is an actual search string, as is “(iOS or Android or Blackberry) and app* and (design* or develop*) and (UX or UI).”

Moving beyond the platforms, there are mobile mainstays in the top 20 hiring manager requests: java, SDK and Objective-C, and HTML5. Javascript and popular library, JQuery are tied together frequently in hiring managers’ wish lists, while Informix and .NET may be a testament to companies trying to mobilize their current infrastructures.

More than six years after the iPhone was introduced, IDC said smartphone shipments from manufactures set a new quarterly record, with 258 million shipped in the third quarter and mobile remains one of the fastest growing hiring demands on Dice today. Passions or preferences aside, there’s no debate that tech professionals who have experience in this arena are the winners by a landslide.

Shravan Goli
President, Dice