May 2013: America’s Tech Talent Crunch

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 10.50.20 AMThe solid job market for tech professionals over the past few years has driven up the supply of new grads just entering the field, with more than 40,000 joining the job market in a given year. That combined with growing enrollments in computer science departments implies even bigger numbers of newly minted professionals will be available for the companies that seek to employ them in the years to come.

While those trends are welcome news for employers, it’s time to take a pulse check and remember cycles are cycles. As outlined in our special report “America’s Tech Talent Crunch,” tech educators see fundamental differences between this cycle and others. Primarily, the spread of technology to industries beyond tech and the universities efforts to consistently work with corporate partners to keep programs in-line with hiring needs.

But, the most dangerous words in business are “this time is different.” Even with business-IT education mash-ups creating quick paths to employment and soaring numbers of two-year graduates, companies are still reporting technology skill-shortages.

That said, the numbers tell a story of increasing competition for entry-level positions. And, the fact is experience is often valued over education in technology departments. My advice? Get some experience, while you are in school, before you are in school, anyplace you can – that way competition or not – technology professionals can “bring it” if and when this up cycle loses some velocity.

Tom Silver
Senior Vice President,

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