March 2014: Talent in Hot Fields Feeding on an Enchilada of Perks

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.49.34 AMTechnology professionals often view what they do for a living as more of a lifestyle than an occupation. They are drawn to learning and innovative ideas. Attracting these professionals requires a package of compensation and perks that enhances their minds and bodies, as well as their wallets.

We drilled down into the workplace perks and special benefits offered most frequently by employers who use to attract tech pros in four hot fields: software engineering, cloud computing, big data, and mobile development. Across each field, one perk cracked the top three in popularity with every niche of highly skilled tech pro.

A free lunch.

While sushi and gluten-free drinks may strike some as a workplace extravagance, to those of us who have spent a decade or two dwelling in tech, free lunches likely indicate an employer who values efficiency, employees’ health and the team building aspect of shared meals. In that regard, lunch on the house squares with other perks that topped the lists for each field, including free gym memberships and sponsored social events, an indicator that an employer has taken steps to create a “one team” culture.

Professionals in these hot fields are getting to put their fingers on the pulse of technology innovations, with employers frequently going on record to offer opportunities to work with the latest technologies.

Tuition reimbursement programs also showed great cache across each category we analyzed – though this benefit resonated most highly with employers seeking to find talent in the software engineering field, where the unemployment rate stood at 2.7 percent for software developers for the fourth quarter of 2013, compared to 3.5 percent across all technology fields.

For those with cloud computing or big data experience, working across from ping pong tables or from home are options. Companies highlight their casual work environments to professionals in these fields.

The best of the best in tech continue to show great interest in challenging assignments, personal growth and cultures that encourage innovation and flexibility. In other words, when it comes to employment, they want the whole enchilada – on the job and in the lunchroom.

Shravan Goli
President, Dice

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