May 2013: Hadoop+

Dice Open Web Logo TrademarkedHadoop may have been named after a stuffed toy elephant, but it’s not child’s play to recruiters and hiring managers looking for “big data” talent. It’s big game, but not the only game hiring managers are searching to meet their recruiting needs.

may-hadoop-graphicA look inside Open Web, Dice’s latest sourcing tool, reveals the combination of skills hiring managers search for along with Hadoop. The number one combination by a large margin — Hadoop and Java — not too surprising given it’s a Java based framework. That’s closely followed by NoSQL at number three. According to the Dice Salary Survey, those professionals with Hadoop and NoSQL experience pulled in more than $100,000 on average.

Even with the above average compensation, the demand for this talent is in its infancy. Gartner predicts that nearly two million technology jobs will be created in the U.S. by 2015 thanks to the data economy, but warns not all the jobs will be filled due to shortages of talent.

Today’s needs may surround MapReduce (#4), Pig (#6) or Hive (#8), but it will change as big data realizes its promise, along with the demand for related skills.

We’ll keep up-to-date on how this technology is affecting companies and IT jobs from our unique vantage point watching hiring managers “unlimit” their search for the best talent.

Howard Lee