February 2013: Home Field Advantage

Hiring managers and recruiters will visit many places in their search for tech talent with the right skills and experience for their open positions. But, the trip shouldn’t be an adventure into the unknown, because qualified professionals in some states across the U.S. don’t appear at all anxious to move.

Correlating tech professionals’ confidence in their ability to find a new position with their willingness to relocate reveals a few states where hiring managers will have a particularly hard time convincing tech talent to uproot, even for the perfect position.

Here are highlights from the top 10 list of “sticky states” where companies, hiring managers and recruiters have home field advantage:

Georgia – Peach state tech pros are among the nation’s most confident when it comes to finding new work in 2013, with more than seven out of 10 (72%) Georgia tech pros saying they could easily find a new job. That’s no surprise: Georgia has been adding tech jobs at a consistent pace for the past three years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, the vast majority of the Georgia tech talent pool isn’t interested in moving, with only 37 percent open to relocating for a new job.

New York– Frank Sinatra may promise if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, but IT-skilled New Yorkers aren’t interested in going anywhere else. Only 37 percent saying they’d leave the market for a new opportunity. That New York swagger is also there when it comes to 2013 job prospects: More than six out of 10 respondents (61%) believe they would have an easy time finding a new gig in 2013.

Maryland – And good luck prying tech pros away from Baltimore and other Maryland cities in 2013. Marylanders are among the least likely to move, with just one third of the market (33%) willing to relocate for work. They’re also among the most confident with two-thirds of IT professionals surveyed (67%) saying they could find a new job this year.

For companies with relocation packages to offer, your best shots to lure tech professionals away from home are in Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama.

Alice Hill
Managing Director, Dice.com &
President, Dice Labs

*A single job posting may reflect more than one skill, location or type of position; therefore total figures for those attributes may be greater than total jobs posted.