April 2013: Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Dice Open Web Logo TrademarkedWith the unemployment rate for technology professionals registering 3.5 percent in the first quarter, savvy recruiters and hiring pros use multiple measures to find and hire the right tech professionals. The first measure? Skill-sets have to be evaluated and tech candidates brimming with certain experience are clearly in demand.

A look inside searches by hiring managers on Open Web, Dice’s latest sourcing tool, provides an easy metric to gauge what skills are hot. Why? Because Open Web creates tech “super” profiles from public information on about 50 social and professional networks—making it the one-stop—to quickly uncover tech professionals’ experience, contributions, history and capabilities, as well as interests and passions.

2013-04 Open Web Top 15Top of the search rankings—Java. Its longevity is not quite Paul McCartney-level, but its connection to Android might just get it there. That doesn’t mean up and coming programming language Ruby on Rails didn’t make the list—it’s on at number five.

HTML, Javascript and CSS are the three main technologies web developers use to create interactive pages and with companies needing to be everywhere—phone, tablet, desktop—that talent continues to be in demand—and with a one percent unemployment rate, web developers are hard-to-find.

But, the two most optimistic searches on the list: sales and project managers. These professionals don’t get hired unless companies believe they understand the return. That means more recruiting activity to come for project staffing and potentially sales made.

The social hunt for technology professionals is simpler and faster with Open Web. But, the thrill of the hunt pales in comparison to actually landing that new hire, especially those that companies are skirmishing over.

Howard Lee