April 2008: Newbies

In April, college seniors’ thoughts turn to their new employers and new jobs. Dice is seeing stronger demand for entry level people. Where are the new grads going? What do they need to be successful?

There are the traditional, big IT hiring hubs such as New York, Silicon Valley, and Washington, D.C., which always attract grads. But, increasingly, higher demand for IT professionals at all levels is coming from places that aren’t as tech focused, like Charlotte, where job listings have jumped 36% year over year. Seattle is up 13%, Denver is up 12%, and Dallas is up 11%.

A variety of factors are driving the IT job demands in those cities, from strong local economies to technology-heavy companies moving into the area. Overall, a lot of job growth is coming from continued demand for ERP and CRM professionals and for those whose experience in the hot programming languages which tend to attract new grads. Job listings on Dice for Ruby on Fails are up 65% year over year, while PHP job postings are up 53%, and Ajax listings have climbed 50%, albeit from a small base.

Recent grads often come to Dice to look for advice on how to navigate the strange work world they’ve entered. I wanted to include a few words of advice for them on how to make their situation work. First, even if you talked about the hot new programming languages during the interview, understand that you might not be working with them as they often don’t fit into enterprise applications. Second, all the great IT skills you learned in the past four years are important, but so is the ability to communicate with your business teams. Finally, IT professionals go a lot farther in their careers when they try to understand how to make something work, but why it works.

Enjoy this month’s issue of The Dice Report.

Tom Silver
Senior Vice President,
Marketing and Customer Support

A single job posting may reflect more than one skill, location or type of position; therefore total figures for those attributes may be greater than total jobs posted.