2013 Linux Jobs Report

The Information technology (IT) jobs market is experiencing its first renaissance since it emerged decades ago. Today the professionals who manage the data centers that support the world’s largest web companies, e-commerce businesses and social networks are in high demand. Software programmers who know how to build applications and make devices work together are among the hottest commodities in any industry.

Tech is in, but nowhere is the opportunity for career advancement and big financial reward more evident than in the Linux jobs market where salaries for skilled Linux talent are rising at nearly double the rate of other tech professionals.

To understand what’s contributing to this trend and learn how companies can recruit and retain key Linux talent, Dice and The Linux Foundation have again teamed up to share the hiring forecast for the year ahead. The 2013 Linux Jobs Report includes new data from both hiring managers and Linux professionals. By surveying both employers and employees, the Report provides a comprehensive view of the Linux career landscape, from the business needs driving the demand to the personal incentives that are most attractive to Linux professionals.

This year’s survey includes responses from more than 850 hiring managers at corporations, small and medium businesses (SMBs), government organizations, and staffing agencies across the globe—as well as responses from more than 2,600 Linux professionals worldwide.

Key findings from the 2013 Linux Jobs Survey and Report show that:

  • Demand for Linux talent rises again as even more employers say finding those professionals is difficult
    This year’s survey revealed a better outlook for the year ahead, with 93 percent of hiring
    managers planning to hire a Linux pro in the next six months. That’s even better than last year’s strong reading when 90 percent of hiring managers expected to hire Linux talent in the first half of 2012. Nine out of 10 respondents stated that it’s “somewhat difficult” or “very difficult” to find experienced Linux pros, up almost four percentage points from last year.
  • Experienced Linux professionals are being aggressively recruited and garnering significantly higher salaries than other tech pros
    It’s clear that companies are searching for skilled Linux talent – and they’re willing to pay a premium for it. Three quarters (75%) of Linux professionals surveyed have received a call from a recruiter in the past six months, and more than a third (35%) plan to switch employers in 2013. Linux salaries jumped nine percent this year, far outpacing the five percent jump in tech salaries overall, which was the biggest jump in a decade2.
  • SysAdmins, Developers and DevOps are the Linux rock stars
    Of the respondents who plan to make new Linux hires within the next six months, systems administrators ranked number one among hiring managers, followed by developers and DevOps, a new addition to the survey this year.

For the full report, visit: 2013 Linux Jobs Report